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Full Moonshine Family of Products

Full Moonshine Family of Products

Full Moonshine, quality distilled spirits from Hickory Ledges Farm and Distillery, Canton, Connecticut

Full Moonshine is handcrafted in small batches to create a smooth, clean spirit with a flavor profile second to none.
You will be delighted by the essence of our own fresh pressed apple cider, local maple syrup, native cranberries, select corn and impeccably clear spring water that distinguishes Full Moonshine from the rest.

field barn

Full Moonshine’s flavor is developed in fields and orchards under the watchful eye of Mother Nature.

Then skillfully crafted to capture the delicate balance between fruit and grain providing you with the quality and flavor you desire and deserve!

Tradition, Heritage, Quality ingredients, Attention to Detail – – – Full Moonshine, a smooth sip of American Heritage




Full Moonshine Quality Distilled Spirits

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